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Since the beginning of time, salt has been the great neutraliser,  containing trace minerals which  cleanse, balance and release negative energies. 


A Simple Salt Ritual:

Take a handful of salt, dampen it with water, then scrub your hands clean over a sink. Visualize releasing what no longer serves you and allow the salt to absorb the negative energy before washing it away. 


Salt Wash

An opportunity for creativity and healthy introspection. Journal to reflect and process emotions from the past in a safe and private forum.  Writing is a powerful & creative force for manifesting our future. 

5-Minute Exercise:

In the evening, before bed,  reflect on your day the way you would have liked for it to unfold, and feel it intensely as though it happened, you will change the course of future events.


Citrus aromas, like lemon, help to keep the mind focused and is a great aid for studying and concentration. The scent of lemons also helps to clear the mind of negative thoughts, bringing positive thoughts to the forefront which makes lemons a natural home remedy to bring about more joy and happiness in your life. Go ahead, help yourself to a twist!

Lemon Therapy