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Welcome to the world of wellness travel.  

From bathing ceremonies in India’s holiest river, to shamanic soul-cleansing rituals performed deep in the Amazon, Ritual.TV has you covered. 

Tune in to discover the hottest, freshest and most unique wellness travel experiences around the world.

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Whale Dive Tours

Diving With Gentle Giants - Tonga

July - October 2019

Tonga is one of two places in the world where you can swim with the whales, an encounter you will remember forever! Swim with gentle giants (July to Oct) and watch whales playing in the wild. Visit Humpback breeding grounds and listen to the whale song. A truely amazing 8000km journey from Antarctica to Tonga.

Candice Miller

External Vibration Retreat -  Tolan, MX

November 2019

Deepen your practice and raise your vibration on a remote pristine beach in the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an in Quintana Roo, in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico where nature and peace invite you to expand your being and realize your true nature. Taught by world-renowned inspirational guide Ulises Calatayud.

Nigel Tarnah

Enjoy The Silence


January 14, 2020

Tiny but holier than thou, Israel has a long and lengthy history of miracles myths and legends within its lively borders. Join us for Ten Days of silent contemplationExplore the wonder of the deep gloomy foundations of Sefad’s 1000-year-old citadel with  tunnel-like caves, known as the holy land.