Dive in: HydroTherapy @ Scandinave Spa, Whistler

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Whistler, BC Canada

Nestled deep within the carving of Whistler's crisp mountainous peaks, where endless branches of majestic pine bow under a dusting of heavy snow, is one of Lost Lake Park's most coveted attractions, The Scandinave Spa.

As if the coastal drive up to Whistler from Vancouver BC, wasn't breath-taking enough, the gorgeous view of the mountainscape that surrounds the Scandinave's spa will definitely leave you at a loss for words.

The spa's grounds, featuring eleven watery-installations encased by the luscious views of the great Canadian outdoors.

The Spa's core feature is Hydrotherapy - an ancient practice dating back thousands of years. Visitors get full access to the spa grounds and bathing pools upon purchasing a day pass -

A strictly enforced complete silence policy allowed us to experience the magic and the benefits of inner stillness while we relished in a circuit of Rituals from Eucalyptus Steam Baths, Wood Burning Saunas, Finnish Hot Baths, Nordic Waterfalls, Cold Plunge Baths.

Scandinave Bath Rituals includes partaking in a succession of hot installations, which increases body temperature and blood flow while reducing blood pressure, is followed up by cold installations, which flushes toxins, releases endorphins, the final stage of the hold-cold circuit is the relaxation area, which allows the body's cardiovascular system to relax and stabilize.

Alternating temperature is thought to decrease inflammation and stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, which help to alkalize the body.

After double-dipping in the hot and cold pools, we ended our evening with a deep-tissue massage performed on-site by the spa's certified RMT's. If you're thinking of booking a massage, arrive early to spend a few hours experiencing the benefits of Contrast Therapy throughout pool circuit.

Hands down, the stand out feature at the Scandinave Spa is it's Nordic Waterfall - a steamy pool with cascading waterfall was the romantic center-piece amid this winter wonderland.


8010 Mons Road Whistler, BC, V8E 1K7

Ritual.TV Rating: 3 Stars

Must-Try: The Nordic Wateralls, Wood Burning Saunas, Couples Full-Body Massage.

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Images Courtesy of Scandinave.com and Whistler.com