learn to meditate in 3 simple steps

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

3 Tips to help you build a daily meditation Ritual

Studies have shown that a simple daily meditation practice can offer enormous benefits

From reducing anxiety, to restoring balance, improving your mood, circulation, reducing blood pressure, curing insomnia. There benefit of meditation are virtually limitless.

And the best part is that this holistic practice is accessible to everyone, yet not everyone invests in this life-changing practice, for several reasons. And we think it’s time you get access to this incredible gift.

We came up with 3 Quick Tips to help you lean to cultivate a daily meditation Practice that will change your life.

Create a Space for your practice

Whether you live alone or with others, we recommend finding a special place in your home to practice daily. It’s probably best to choose a peaceful place, where you are not usually working in, as being in a space as such may impose distractions. Find a place that will solely be your “sacred” meditation spot.

Feel free to add atmosphere and ambiance to help bring you into the mindfulness. Lighting palo-santo or other pleasurable scents is ideal, as is playing soft relaxing music.

We also recommend trying to meditate in complete silence, however if you feel that is too difficult from the onset, then try playing soothing music instead.

2. Set a Timer & Commit

If you’re just getting started, we recommend setting your timer for 5 minutes just to get you on track to receive the benefits. It takes time to learn to develop the practice and the skill of meditation. If your timer goes off and you feel you’d like to remain in meditation longer, go for it. You’ll intuitively know when it’s time to return. And don't forget to set your phones to “Do Not Disturb” to ensure that you are not interrupted during your five minutes. It’s not too much to ask.

3. Become the mindless Observer

Become a silent non-judgmental observer of your thoughts. It’s not easy at first, especially when you have at least 17,000 thoughts running through your mind today. But the idea of meditation, is to not think at all, but to become a witness of them. One quick tip is to visual yourself sitting by a moving stream, and when a thought pops in your head and you become conscious of it, send it floating down the river and return to the observation of your breath. It takes time to develop this skill, and we promise with practice, you will get better.

Bonus TIP - Be comfortable!

Especially if it’s your goal to meditate for longer than 5 minutes, eventually, it's vital to make sure that your meditation practice is comfortable and pleasant. Wear loose clothing, that keeps you warm. It is always recommended to sit upright with your legs crossed. This is the yogi's way of meditating, as it aligns your chakras and allow the energy to pass freely through your body.

If a seated posture is not accessible to you, try to sit on a chair with your back straight.

It is not recommended to lay down, as this takes you out of the alpha state and puts you into a beta state of relaxation, where the meditation process is diminished and you will likely fall asleep, which is not the same as meditating.

Be patient and gentle with yourself during this process. Give yourself this time every day and commit to it. We promise you will be astounded by the benefits and the joy of meditation.

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